Monday Updates 

I know I promised another chapter on Monday, but that is going to be delayed. I’m so sorry!! While living out in my secluded corner of the country is perfect for writing stories, it does present some technological drawbacks. Our internet connection is slow at best and has a monthly data allowance which is relatively low–this month it got used up. So my desktop computer is offline; since Capacitance is stored there, I can’t post the chapter from my phone. Thus, the delay! I hope to get the chapter up on Wednesday so stay posted! 

In the meantime, being offline, I have been working on Inductance. I thought I only had one chapter left, but I started writing that chapter and found that one chapter actually needs to be two chapters. So hopefully tomorrow I will actually have it finished! It’s always fun writing along and finding more depth to the characters at that point in the story. That’s what happened today; while it was kind of frustrating as I had hoped to sit down and finish the book, I definitely think the extra material is a good thing! 

This is also a busy week as I prepare for the conference in Austin this weekend. It will feel great to have Inductance finished when I set off for that trip. I have my agent consultation schedules and, while I didn’t get my top choice agents since I signed up late, I still think they will be very interesting to pitch to. I’m excited to see what comes of the weekend. 

Once again, I am sorry about the lack of chapters posted today! I’ll fix that as soon as I can! 🙂 

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